The city is diametrically opposed to the forest: it is the realm of humans. It is an orderly environment, punctuated by a daily repetitiveness that comforts human beings. Perfect logistical knowledge and mastery in managing repetitive happenings generate a sense of security in consciousness.

Between fences and temples, the cities have a kind of kekkai, a protective mystical barrier that keeps out most of the Yōkai. Here human beings, not totally at the mercy of chance, the elements and dangers of all kinds, have a control bound to place, to society and to the very construction of the city according to auspicious esoteric precepts.

Beware! This does not mean that human cities are entirely devoid of inhuman presences, far from it, it just means that the Yōkai inhabiting it have a tame relationship with the city.

Pests as the Gama are the most dangerous: these are old frogs and toads that take up residence between the raised floors of houses and the ground below. They live under the busiest rooms and suck the lifeblood of tenants from a distance, who begin to feel tired and get sick.

The bond of energy parasitism is such, that if you find Gama you have to kill him only in a certain way; because otherwise he would possess the victim’s body, driving him to madness and causing a sake-like fluid to drip from his ears.

Taken from – Yōkai. Le Antiche Stampe dei Mostri Giapponesi – Published by Skira

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