KAPPA: aquatic creatures the size of a human child. They possess a turtle-like beak and shell and a concave head that holds water, usually used as a reserve when they go on land to cause mischief. Kappas stink a lot and eat heaps of cucumbers. 

ONI: Huge, hairy, fanged, matted-haired, club-wielding orcs that live in the mountains. Those who have the misfortune to encounter them, unless they are valiant warriors armed with to the teeth, can only be saved by outwitting them, as Oni are very strong creatures but a little dull.

TENGU: A magical being that resembles a raven with wings, clawed feet, a very long beak and the body of a human dressed as a monk. The Tengu are all males, they know magic, talk to humans with their thoughts and can quickly teleport wherever they want.

SIREN: Half fish half woman sea monster with very long hair, scented skin and sharp teeth like a shark. When Sirens get angry, they start screaming like crazy, to the point of crying sometimes. Despite their monkey-like facial features, some sailors fall to their charms, and that is when the sirens turn on them to kill.

KITSUNE: A clever and super intelligent fox who can transform into a very beautiful woman.

The Kitsune has the power to enter dreams, to make men see things that do not exist and can even fly. She usually lives for a very long time, much more than a hundred years and the older she gets, the more powerful she gets. Up to nine tails can sprout from her back.

TANUKI: A creature that looks so cute and nice because it resembles a badger but actually tells a lot of lies and plays nasty tricks on everyone. The Tanuki can shapeshift and disguise himself as what he wants and thus deceive and rob people. Every now and then he gets drunk and becomes mean and nasty.

JOROGUMO: An evil spider who transforms into a beautiful woman to make men fall in love and then trap them on the wall with her webs. A Jorogumo can summon an army of tiny spiders to protect her from enemies or to send them around to spy on what people say without being seen.

TSUCHIGUMO: A huge and highly intelligent spider capable of creating illusions and traps to deceive and capture people. His mouth is so wide he can even eat a man whole by trapping him in his giant web. Every now and then he turns into a little boy and goes to sick people to make them drink a medicine that is actually some disgusting poison.

OIWA: A ghost woman who was once a very beautiful girl. After being killed with poison she turned into a very ugly spirit to get revenge. Oiwa has a crooked face, black hair and a white dress. When Oiwa gets angry she scares people into fleeing and then chases them until they fall off a cliff.

BAKENEKO: A giant and monstrous cat with many extraordinary powers that walks on two legs and fights with its claws. When he wins a fight, he turns into his enemy and starts dancing for happiness with a sheet on his head. Normal cats turn into bakeneko when they get very fat, when they get very old or when their owner mistreats them too much.