Exhibition of illustrations created ad hoc by Marga Blackbanshee Biazzi

Blackbanshee is one of the most sensitive and poetic illustrators in the Milanese milieu. After years of mad and desperate scavenging in the world of children’s publishing, she took the path of self-publication, procuring her works immediate sell-outs that encouraged her to insist on that path. Misanthropic and antisocial, lost in her own world of fantasy, Blackbanshee nevertheless claims to love our little planet and all its inhabitants very much. So dear to her heart is this issue that environmental, animal rights and all issues aimed at respect and compassion are always present in the stories she writes and illustrates. In her work we find references to the purest folklore, drawing from all over the world with a particular fondness for that of the evocative Japanese culture. The delicate pastel color palette that characterizes her style and that has won the hearts and imaginations of all who follow her, looks as much to Western comics, particularly Belgian, as to manga and ancient Ukiyo-e prints, with a strong influence of the fairy tale illustrators of the early 1900s and the Art Deco masters, first and foremost Arthur Rackham and Alfons Mucha. She has published several titles for publishers such as Giunti, Shockdom, Raffaello Editrice, Rusconi Libri, and the English Story Time Magazine.

For the Vertigo Syndrome exhibitions he has illustrated the white magic book Strix, the card game Witchcraft, and now the new book of fear and mystery Yokai Monogatari, inspired by a famous role-playing game, available for preview in the bookshop of this exhibition.