Along the Tokaido road it was necessary for pilgrims to visit some shrines for their spiritual integrity and to request protection. On the top of some Buddhist pagodas was placed the Houju.

The Houju was a sacred pearl that is believed to have the power to purify evil, bring light into the darkness of men and fulfill their desires when they are not motivated by greed.

They are jewels that the Buddha dropped on earth to bring prosperity to good-hearted men; they could be the equivalent of the philosopher’s stone for Western alchemy.

This rare Houju is called Treasure Nyoi of the Flame of the White Serpent God; specifically would have the power to exorcise negativity, protect against poisons and fires, reclaim corruption and fulfill pure desires. It would make the privileges of wealth known to those who do not enjoy it and give the gift of humility and contentment to those who already possess it.