The Japanese night world is a place in wich the Yōkai and Yūrei run rampant. In these nights humans are safer in the familiar, domesticated and urbanized area, but not even in his own home one can be said to be completely safe.

Yōkai and Yūrei can manifest themselves even without a valid reason. Being innocent or having no involvement in their sad stories do not ensure safety.

Summer nights see the multiplication of these creatures, especially during the period near Obon, the festival for the souls of the dead, when ghosts can roam free among the living.

In summer, when the moon reaches certain conditions, the hundred-monsters parade can appear, a showy and lively procession of Yōkai that advances with great clamor.

Should a human witness it, they should either run away or hide. If discovered, or worse, interrupt the parade by crossing it, they could be devoured, killed, or a kamikakushi, an abduction by the gods could occour.

Taken from – Yōkai. Le Antiche Stampe dei Mostri Giapponesi – published by Skira.

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