Oni are orcs that look similar to humans but have a more grotesque and wilder streak, with awkward and clumsy behaviors.

Momotaro is considered the the be-all and end-all hunter of these orcs; and like many other Japanese heroes who fought against the Oni, Momotaro’s origin is also prodigious.

His birth came about thanks to an elderly gentleman finding a giant peach by chance, and in opening it he discovered a baby inside.

Years passed and the child grew strong and indomitable; becoming the support and pride of the elderly man and his wife.

One day news reached the village of the existence of Onigashima, the island of orcs; a place filled with treasures, but from which no men ever returned.

Momotaro decided to set off for Onigashima. Along the journey he met Aokiji, a blue pheasant, Akainu, a red dog, and a Kizaru, a yellow monkey, who agreed to accompany him in exchange for food prepared for him by his elderly mother.

Once arrived on the island, the young man engaged in battle against the orcs and won.

His valor was such that according to some versions of the story the Oni chieftain gave him his treasures and forever considered him a respected friend of the Oni.