A girl named Sekiya lived as a servant of the Arima family. One day a cat broke into the palace chased by a dog and the latter attacked young Lord Otonosama, so Sekiya rushed to kill the dog.

The Young lord, impressed by her readiness, decided to let her keep the kitten. Sekiya was from then on renamed Otaki.

The lord’s favor, however, attracted the envy of the other servants and the old housekeeper Iwanami who began to annoy Otaki incessantly, leading her to exasperation and then suicide.

The kitten witnessed the deed and licked her mistress’s blood.

Later the housekeeper died, killed by a huge cat that ripped her neck. As the nights went by, a series of murders followed.

Having already killed several people the cat became increasingly unstoppable.

Norizen was called to investigate the events.

Just as the huge cat was about to attack its umpteenth prey, Norizen Yamamura hit it with a slash in the eyebrow. Once back home, the young man saw that his mother had a wound in the same place.

Suspicious, he watched her and discovered that the cat had killed the woman and assumed her appearance.

Norizen and his sumo wrestler friend then chased after her as she nimbly fled.