She appears as a weeping woman, covered only by a robe tied around the waist, dyed red by the blood lost during childbirth.

In the Japanese city of Mino, the apparitions of Yagyo Yujo were frequent and the victims were always men.

The spirit tricked travelers by entrusting them its child, and then, as soon as the baby was handed, she would scream at them that she wants the child back right away.

As the frightened victims scrambled to return him, the child would transform into a boulder imprisoning their arms.

It is said that one day Urabe no Suetake, one of Raiko’s four Shitennō, decided to face her.

The ghost asked the commander to pick up the baby, then immediately ordered his return.

Unnerved by her behaviour, Suetake left taking the child with him.

After a while however, looking down to observe it, the man found nothing but dry leaves.