In this story the real protagonist is the moon that through its glow allowed the truth to be revealed.

One evening near Kamakura the bushi Hikoshichi Omori, vanquisher of numerous foes, saw a noblewoman approaching and preparing to ford the river.

Hikoshichi gallantly proposed to carry the unknown girl on his back to prevent her kimono getting soaked with water and thus becoming ruined.

However, the girl was actually Princess Chihaya; whose father had been killed at the hands of no other than Hikoshichi Omori.

The resentment felt by the young lady led her to become a Han’ya, a monster generated by a woman that was consumed by intense negative feelings in her life, and to nurture a strong desire for revenge against the valiant warrior.

 As they were crossing the river, the moon peeped out from among the branches of the tree, illuminating the scene.

At that point Hikoshichi Omori could see the true face of the noblewoman reflected in the water, that of a monster with fangs and horns, and readily put his hand to the sword.